A Workout and a Nap: My First Yoga Class

This past Friday I had my first yoga class with instructor, friend, and creator of ThisBlissYoga: Olga-Maria Smock. I am lucky to have been able to have my first lesson privately and with someone I trusted, but even with this said, I was still nervous.

Going in I was slightly insecure, and more than anything I was afraid that I would be so terrible at it, I would never want to do it again and I may have to cross yoga off my list forever. Luckily, this was not the case. Olga-Maria’s philosophy is that when you’re finished with a yoga session you should feel like you have had a workout and a nap. This is exactly how I felt.


By the time I had finished the session, I was so proud of myself I could not stop smiling. I wanted to talk to her for hours about all the things I felt, how aware of my body I was, and how surprised I was that I could stretch my leg that far away from the rest of my body.

She also taught me a wonderful word, Swaha, which basically means: let it be, or so it shall be. It is important to remember that yoga is not just about fitness, but about really listening to your body, and quieting the mind and daily stresses for a bit. I recommend everyone try yoga, at least once, and try to be totally open to its possibilities. I promise you, you will surprise yourself.

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