Taking Flight: thegoodnewsgirl in Atlanta Part II.

I know Part II of my Atlanta trip has been long overdue. The last two weeks have been spent catching up, and seeing a dear friend off to join the Air Force. I appreciate any of you who waited for this post, and I apologize for the delay.

The whole point of my travel was to attend two Dave Ramsey events. One event focused on leadership in the workplace, and the other on how to get out and/or stay out of debt. For this post, I want to talk about the leadership event and I want to say: going into this I knew very little about Ramsey, but coming out, it’s safe to say: I have a soft spot for the guy. For those of you who don’t know about Ramsey, he is an author of many financial self-help books, a talk radio host, and a motivational speaker.

The event was EntreLeadership 1-Day – where Ramsey and a fellow speaker educated the group with inspirational advice on how to make it as an entrepreneur, an employee, and a leader. The entire affair was a perfect balance between old school business ideas and a new generation’s ambivalence when it comes to being tied down and unhappy in the workplace. It focused on the humanity of a business, which I greatly appreciated. Our jobs take up so much of our time that to be unhappy in this area really sets the stage for your overall demeanor.

Because of this, whether we are the employer or the employee, we must lead by serving. A good leader serves those who work above and below them; a good leader fights for the right thing to be done; a good leader is clear, respectful, hard working, and efficient. This person should be a role model and always willing to grow and become better. Another area Ramsey hit on was never giving up – “don’t quit!” he said with force. A true leader moves forward, is honest, does not play games, and takes responsibility for the areas that need improving.

I want us all to take a second, and really think: what kind of leader are you? There should be no difference in the traits of a leader, the difference should lie only in those whom one leads and why. We must remember, a leader is as compassionate as he is stern, a servant as much as a master, a student as much as a teacher, and above all – he is human.

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